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Redefining Eco

I came up with the idea for this new blog when I was working through the idea of starting a new research topic.  I had finished my Master’s and was casting around for what came next.  What I found were jobs that were great, but didn’t give me the opportunity to really explore a research topic every semester.  I missed that.  So I went back to my professors and asked what could I do to continue researching things on my own.  Basically, they came up with a lot of ways for me to pay more money to a school.  And so this blog was born.

I wanted it to be different from other blogs, in that from the start it is a group of women writers writing about why the environment is important to/for women.  So many of us attend meetings about women leaders in environmental issues, or practice living green in our homes, or are those women leaders.  Yet it stills feels like the environmental movement is gendered – a man’s game.

That’s the research idea that started this blog.  Where are women in the environmental movement? Where are their voices? In my world they seem to be the only ones in the environmental game, yet news focuses on men like Al Gore or Bill McKibben, even as more and more women’s only spaces are opening up in the environmental sphere. I want to explore the role that spaces play in the environmental movement.  Are women only spaces beneficial to that movement? Are they holding women back from being leaders or are they cultivating new leaders in safe spaces?

I’ve read several times since starting on this idea that women are more prone to care about the environment.  Why is that? Is it because women are pre-disposed for care work? Or is it because the environmental movement is a place where women can be leaders and better the lives of those around them? These are the kind of things I hope this blog will start to explore.  With different perspectives and different goals, each writer who contributes will bring something new to that discussion, and overall we can start to tear away the layers of women and environment and reach the reasons why it is so important.

I will be exploring the idea that started this all through a series of posts.  Other writers will explore other issues, and some will call attention to the role that women already play in the environmental movement.  Together, this will be a blog about women’s voice in the environmental movement.  The form and the shape and the feel of this blog will change as we grow as writers, as it should, but the idea behind this will not.  We are a group of women who care about the environment and want to write about it.  Join us.



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