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Happy Birthday Michelle!

Our First Lady recently celebrated a birthday, and this week I, along with thousands of other well-wishers, signed numerous birthday cards for our FLOTUS.   What an inspirational person to have as our First Lady, and us eco-women are so fortunate to have her as a spokesperson for the sustainable food movement.  Michelle has helped reshape the idea of environmentally sustainable food from something that only a few of us can enjoy on rare occasions, to the main course on the dinner table in every household.  With the launch of Let’s Move!, she brought the organic food movement into the foreground – with information on how to start a community garden right on the website, and easy steps for eating  sustainable foods while remaining on a budget.   By putting bee hives on the south lawn of the White House, Michelle reminds us about the honey bee colony collapse disorder, and how we rely on bees for one-third of our food supply.  And, she started a great Farmer’s Market on Vermont Avenue, with extended hours so we all can pick up fresh local veggies on our way home from work.

Michelle Obama may be one of my favorite leading ladies of the environmental community, but I am curious to hear who makes your list of eco-friendly women.  Perhaps someone in your office or community deserves a shout-out for living a greener lifestyle?  If so, let us know!



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