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Katniss – the new Super Woman

The Hunger Games made over 152.5 million in box office sales during its opening weekend, and set the biggest ever opening weekend for a non-sequel film.  The film also enjoyed the third biggest movie opening ever.  I personally contributed to the movie’s success, and I loved every minute of it!

Though I was pleased to see that a few magazine articles and blogs point out the connection to climate change in The Hunger Games (and also here,) I personally was overjoyed to sit back and cheer for a strong female lead that embodies all of the characteristics of women today: a kick-ass confident woman that’s not afraid to get her hands dirty or speak her mind.  Katniss (a role brilliantly played by Jennifer Lawrence,) cares deeply for her family and friends, loves the taste of adventure and excels in new situations.    I loved seeing Katniss kill and eat squirrels for supper, effortlessly climb trees, and know when and where to build a fire.  I am so happy to see women of all ages support a strong female and hopefully they will realize that they too, don’t need to make any apologies for defying all expectations and being the modern-day Super Woman that each one of us can be.

By the way… if you haven’t seen Jennifer in Winter’s Bone, rent it today!

Editor’s addition: I whole-heartedly agree that Katniss is a kick-ass female lead character. She’s strong, devoted to her family, and determined to protect her world.  She’s awesome. And in the spirit of that awesomeness, here’s what one author imagined a meeting with Katniss, Bella Swan, Herminone Granger, and Buffy would be like.  To be a fly on the wall in that conversation….


One thought on “Katniss – the new Super Woman

  1. Well said, aalford! For more kickass female leads (and YA goodness), check out Graceling.

    Posted by rarevant | April 5, 2012, 10:16 am

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