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Get comfortable with getting uncomfortable

I went to hear Rachel Maddow speak this past weekend and I left that room feeling that intellectual high from hearing an intelligent woman speak about politics. I fell rallied and ready to dive back into politics.

A she was speaking, I thought about how I could bring this message to you- how I could soak this page in that feeling so that you woul read it an feel that inspiration.

And then I realized. Her message was to create this discussion, to debate ideas, and to do thing despite the hassle they might cause us. Her message is to get our hands dirty and feel involved.

How fitting with last weeks post?!

We not only need to back up our actions with words, we new to be ready to have those dirty nitty gritty conversations about why this is important. We need to bring the level of conversation up to where we get past the explaining and into the debating.

Rachel said “we can have a conversation at grad school level with everyone. We just need to be able to start at kindergarten and bring people along with us.”

It is absolutely true. We need to be able to explain at the most basic level why I believe in renewables and then bring that discussion up to the larger implications about that belief. I want to know why you don’t believe in renewables. I want to hear why you think relying on fossil feels is better. And I want to have the opportunity to discuss the merits of each side. And I want to live in a world where that happens all the time.

In my last post I talked about not wanting to feel preachy and I think this is how – by not assuming that because you disagree with me, you are somehow dumber than me. I believe you have studied this as much as I have and I believe that you feel something deep in your gut just like me.

Let’s talk about it.



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