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My elevator speech: Why I write about Women and the Environment

When I introduce myself and explain what it is I do, I get a lot of questions. Mostly, I get ‘Why that’ or ‘How do those fit together?’

Here’s why.

I studied Women and Environmental Policy in grad school. Basically, I was interested in the role that women play (or don’t play) in environmental policy and why.  It’s often thrown around that women will be the most affected by climate change around the world, yet women are disproportionately uninvolved when it comes to the the policy process.  The result is that solutions are made that work for men only – technologies taught to men only, or solutions that don’t take into account the way that women utilize that resource.  This must change.

Domestically, women are linked to environmental issues because of the impact on children.  I believe there is so much more than that.  Women are interested in environmental issues because it affects our lives and the lives of those in our communities (I believe that men get interested in environmental issues for this same reason).  I am interested in the role that women play in the environmental movement because I want to see women take charge and make a difference in this country.  My environmental choice affect everything that I do, my politics inform every choice I make. I want to see everyone care as much about the world around them as I do.

I write about this the way that I do because that’s who I am.  Blogging gives me a voice when I am too shy to speak publicly.  Staying immersed in these topics means that I am armed everyday with information and opinions that stand on fact – and I can point someone to this space to learn more.  I write because I believe that words have an impact, and that with the right words, we can transform the way this country talks about the environment.

What’s your elevator speech?



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