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The Power to Make a Difference

I volunteer for numerous organizations in my spare time, and I love it.  I meet new people, get to participate in my favorite activities, get my butt off of the couch and out into my community, and most importantly to me – I get a chance to improve something for the better.  Over the years the organizations that I help out with change along with my interests, but the desire to be a positive influence never fades, and I find myself constantly searching for even more opportunities to help out. I’ve picked up trash along the Potomac river, knocked on doors to help register voters, staffed tables at charitable events and taught people how to become more confident cyclists.

Right now I volunteer for three amazing organizations, and each one brings so much joy and happiness into my life in return.  I act as a volunteer bicyclist ambassador and help staff tables at charitable events for the Washington Area Bicyclists Association, and I blog and help plan events for DC Eco-Women.  But, my absolute favorite organization to volunteer for is the Animal Welfare League of Arlington.  I know, I know, bikes and hanging out with your peers are great, but nothing beats spending your Saturday mornings walking dogs and playing fetch with puppies!  Every Saturday I head down to AWLA and spend a few hours walking the dogs there at the shelter, including Buddy Boy, Pooh Bear, and Gaston.

You can actually help out the Animal Welfare League of Arlington and Gaston today by voting AWLA the “Best in Shelter,” and it doesn’t cost you one cent!  Go to:, and click on Gaston’s photo (he’s the lovable black and white pit bull mix) to vote Gaston as “Top Dog” of the Shelter.  If you vote at any time between now and June 17, Gaston and all of the other wonderful animals at AWLA could win up to $50,000 to help give them food, new toys, leashes and dog runs.  You won’t need to sign up for anything, but there is an awesome video about Gaston that you can watch!

So… what organizations do you volunteer for?  Is there a particular charity or cause that you support and want to help spread the word?  Leave us a comment and tell us all about it!



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