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Make September a Car-Free Month!

Great News! 

The Energy Information Administration recently reported that Americans are using less gas on a monthly basis than ever in recent history (since 2007 in fact!)  Though we are still consuming 124,000 barrels of oil a day, we are in fact far below the 8.5 million barrels of oil we consumed each day in the first quarter of 2011.  Thanks to new models of cars with better fuel efficiency and the national trend of embracing public transportation/alternative fuel sources, our need for oil (and foreign oil, on top of that) should continue to decrease throughout the rest of 2012.

Let’s embrace that trend and go car-free in September! 

After all, Saturday September 22 is Car-Free Day, and there are so many great tools and resources out there to help you drive less (or not at all) every day.  Here in the Washington DC metropolitan area, there are a number of regional resources that can help you be Car-Free or Car-Lite.

Help make Car-Free Day on Saturday September 22, 2012 a great success and pledge to go car-free today!

PS.  Thanks to Car-Free DC for information on all of the great alternatives to driving.  Contact us here at Redefining Eco if you have other resources on going Car-Free that you’d like to share!



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