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It’s the little things that count

I work in a fairly large office, with four floors of employees.  Of those four floors, I work on the quietest floor, where everyone is pretty silo-ed and sits with earphones in, paying their computer screen rapt attention.  So there’s not a lot of floor culture – I don’t even know some of the people on this floor.  The org also has a recycling policy, with recycling containers for cardboard, paper, glass, and plastic on each of the four floors.

So in this small pocket of quiet people in the organization, I have made a difference in our greenness.  (I’m quite proud of this!)

Our bathroom on the floor is small, just two stalls for the whole floor.  When I started here, the light was always left on.  I started to just turn the light off when I left the room (making sure there was no one else in there of course!).  It took a little bit for this to catch on, but now it’s standard procedure on our floor.  Just because one person took the time to turn off a light.

So the next time that someone tells you that your little action like turning off the light doesn’t matter – IT DOES!!! It may not stop climate change, but it can change those who you come into contact with.

What are some of the small actions that you do every day?




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