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Earlier this summer, SPAIR asked us to review their sandals.  Marketed for women on the go, these shoes are designed to be thrown into your bag and swapped out for your heels after a long day at work.  Sold for $24. 95 a pair, the sandals are made from recycled tires, from the soles to the straps.  They come in several different colors as well.  We both tried the silver pair out, and here are our thoughts:

Lisa. These shoes are great! I don’t wear heels (almost ever) so I didn’t try them in that sense.  But they fold up so nicely into their carrying bag, they were perfect for traveling.  I took them with me to a wedding in Niagara Falls, and they were great to just throw in my bag just in case.

I’ve also been wearing them all day, doing errands and to work (you heard me.  I wear flip flops to work.) They are wonderfully comfortable and look nicer than the standard flip flops.  Since getting my SPAIR pair two months ago, I have been wearing them more than my normal flats and have gotten compliments on them from most of my friends.

I had two concerns with these shoes when I opened them up.  The first was that they wouldn’t be comfortable to walk in because they were so folded up and compact from the shipping.  I let them sit unfolded overnight, and that ‘uncompacted’ them a lot.  Within my commute to work (about 30 min) they were laying flat on the ground and not buckling in the middle.

I was also concerned that they would break.  They didn’t seem to be too sturdy when I first opened them.  I mean, how can a shoe that folds up last?? But holy crap are they well made.  Like I said, I’ve been wearing them almost non stop since I got them, and they have held up beautifully.  The strapp-y part hasn’t stretched out, and the sandals are still comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

My recommendation: These sandals are worth the money.  Easy to take with you everywhere you go, they look good on my feet, and they are upcycled fashion.  Plus, it’s an extra bit of fun to say ‘Spair Pair’ everyday.

A_A. Love my SPAIR Pair!  On my recent vacation in Maine, I wore them through the airport security line – and they made catching my plane a breeze!  With no metal or cumbersome clasps to deal with, I was able to slip them on while waiting in the security line and switch back to my other shoes in no time flat.  Plus, they fold up so neatly and are small enough to slip into my overstuffed purse!  My silver SPAIR pair are comfy, stylish and very low-profile – perfect for wearing on my metro commute home from the office.  I love that they are upcycled, durable, functional AND fashionable.  I will be wearing my SPAIR pair for many seasons to come!



One thought on “SPAIR Pair

  1. If you want to purchase your own pair of SPAIR Sandals, you can find them at:
    They are such a great shoe — I hope you grab your pair of SPAIRs today!

    Posted by a_a | September 20, 2012, 10:37 am

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