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Fall’s arrival means fall recipes

This past weekend marked the first official day of fall! I can feel the weather changing – that crisp feeling in the air in the mornings and the lack of humidity all signal that a new season is here.

I am not a fan of the cold weather, but there’s something great about the fall season.  There’s the reappearance of boots and light sweaters, yet still warm enough to wear jeans and a t-shirt.  There’s all the apples and spices in the air.  There’s the feeling of starting something new that the student in me can’t quite shake.  There’s the beautiful leaves changing around us.  It’s a pretty wonderful season.

So instead of a long post today about the politics of fall (or elections!), I’m sharing my favorite fall snack – apple slices!

I know, I know. Nothing fancy there.  But I like my apple slices in a really specific way. And it’s amazing. What’s your favorite fall recipe? Share in the comments, and I’ll try them and feature them in a follow up post! (And give you a great shout out on facebook and twitter! So follow us!)


1 Macintosh Apple, sliced and peeled

lemon juice

cinnamon sugar


Basically, slice the apple (Macintoshes are my favorite, but any will work) and peel it.  Then pour some lemon juice on the slices and sprinkle liberally with cinnamon sugar.  Then add just a bit of nutmeg on top, and you’ve got a yummy snack that tastes like apple pie!



2 thoughts on “Fall’s arrival means fall recipes

  1. That sounds lovely 🙂 I really like baked apples. I just core them and then stuff the gap with spice and soaked dried fruit and bake in the oven until just staring to go soft.
    I posted my favourite cold season recipe yesterday

    There is a really lovely book called “The Vegetarian Hearth” by Darra Goldstein which is a recipe book of winter recipes largely from Northerrn Europe and the Northern States. It seems to be out of print here (luckily I found a copy in a charity shop) but you might have more luck across the pond. It is a lovely mix of recipes, literature and culture. Can’t recommend it enough.

    Posted by Herbifit | September 26, 2012, 2:25 am

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