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Trash Talk: Redefining Refuse

Pixar’s Wall-E

How many times a day do you throw something into the trash bin?  20 times? 50 times?  Do you throw away 4 pounds of trash a day?  If you think that number is a little high, think again: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reported that Americans generated 250 million tons of trash in 2010 – that’s OVER 4 pounds of trash per person PER DAY.  That’s an outrageous number, and unless we want the Pixar Movie WALL-E to become our reality, we need to redefine what we think of as “trash.”

Over the next month, we’ll put on our “Oscar the Grouch” hats and wade through the filthy topic of TRASH.  Sure, we’ll talk about Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, but we’ll also discuss composting, consumer culture, and so much more.  We’ll give you lots of tips and resources to use to help reduce your “refuse.” So check out Redefining Eco frequently, as well as facebook and twitter, and feel free to send your suggestions for sources our way!

Want to learn more about America’s trash-habit?  Read our EarthDay Post!




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