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Spotlight on RECYCLING: Compost!

I love to compost.  My husband and I compost in our backyard, and we love the fact that we only throw away one tiny bag of garbage a week.  (Sometimes we throw away two tiny bags of garbage, but still…) We compost nearly all of our refuse, and so far haven’t had any issues with pests or critters getting into our compost bin.  We “cold compost” which means that we toss a lot of fibrous material into our bin (mostly shredded bits of our newspapers, our shredded toilet paper rolls, and shredded mail) and mix those items around with leaves and soil to have a healthy ratio of garbage (i.e. eggshells, vegetable scraps, and coffee grounds) to fibrous material.  The large quantities of paper and soil help break down the smelly stuff faster, and means that we don’t need to have direct sunlight or a lot of heat focused on our compost bin to break down the organic matter.

What if you live in an apartment?  Not to worry, there are still plenty of composting choices for you.  You can vermicompost, or if worms aren’t your thing, check with local health food stores nearby, some offer free composting to their customers.  (I saw that my local My Organic Market’s offers the use of their compost heap a few times a year – but be sure to ask because each location is different!)  Many city and local government agencies offer free composting services for their residents, or you can always subscribe to a composting service.

Composting isn’t scary, expensive, or smelly.  Sure, you might have to stir some dirt around every once in a while or touch a couple of worms, but when done right, you will be rewarded with a rich natural fertilizer for your house plants and outdoor gardens.  So… what are you waiting for?  Start your compost pile today!




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