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Wrapping up the Trash Talk Series

This past month we’ve discussed all things trashy: compost, refuse, plastic, recycling, and pollutants.  We’ve highlighted great regulations that have made a positive and noticeable impact on the environment and communities, and also highlights some great resources to help you reduce your plastic footprint.  Over here at Redefining Eco, we are passionate about the environment, and about making positive choices to help reduce our impact on the earth.

So you recycle, compost, bring your own bag, and generally are aware of the amount of trash you create  on a daily basis.  But what if you want to take a giant LEAP forward and reduce your plastic footprint to ZERO?  What if you want to live trash-free and truly have no impact on the earth?  There are many people who strive for that kind of environmental awesomeness in their every day life!  I’m not saying that you should eschew all things disposable from here on out, but, check out their websites and blogs and see how they strive to go completely trash-free! Who knows, their stories might inspire you to live a trash-less lifestyle!



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