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Redefining Crafting: Give those crafts a new meaning

I think it’s clear by now that here at Redefining Eco, we love crafting.  And there’s lots of ways to make crafting eco-friendly – you can re-purpose materials, and you can choose organic materials.

But how can you make the final product a little more eco-friendly?

One way is to carefully plan your crafts. Know how you will use that craft at the end of the project – where are you going to put that in your home? Pinterest makes it easy to get great craft ideas, but if you make all of them, your house will fill up with crafts! So pick and choose – what do you really need?

I’m not saying to be stingy with your creativity! Just to be aware of the final product, and that the materials once used are used.  As an avid crocheter, I am learning this lesson daily.  I tend to crochet away without much thought to what to do with the final product.  And then I have lots of finished projects to store, yarn that is all cut up and used, and a lot of time spent on projects that will spend their days in a storage bin.  I try to make a few objects, then immediately post them to my Etsy site and sell them.

Another way is to participate in charity crafting events.  A lot of local yarn stores do this kind of thing.  They pick an item to crochet or knit, everyone participates and makes that item, then the items are collected and donated to a local charity.  In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, there were several hat and scarf drives to provide people without heat something warm.

My mother’s church makes Prayer Shawls. Ladies in the church make beautiful crocheted or knitted shawls and give them to people in the church who need to know they are being thought about.  It’s a touching gesture that provides comfort and uses your crafty talent.

You can also do this yourself with your craft group! Pick a project for everyone to work on, and then donate those projects to a local charity – maybe you all make blankets to give to the local homeless shelter.  Handmade gifts and offerings can go a long way in making someone’s day.

The last way you can make your crafts a little more eco-friendly is to be creative! How can you use up all those sticks you bought for a wreath? What else can you use them for around your house?

How else can you make your craft a little more eco-friendly?




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