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Redefining Crafting: The Joy of Creating

knitting/sewing purseWhat I love about crafting is the idea of creating something new from something else.  A new blanket from a pile of yarn, a new canvas from old wine corks, new candle holders from old jars. The idea of giving something new life attracts me to crafting in a serious way.

And I love the idea phase – the part where you get to scour the internet for someone else who’s made what you’re thinking about, or something close enough to give you an idea of how to do it.  I like the part before you’ve messed anything up, before something has gone wrong and you have to start over.

But mostly, I love having something that I put so much time and effort into.  My tea box on my kitchen counter was the result of hours of painting and planning.  The jars that hold up my books are the result of a day of scrubbing glue from glass.  The blanket that keeps me warm at night, I made in college while my roommate and I watched Mulan on repeat.  These things have memories that go with them – more than the shelf I bought at Target will ever have.

I like to think that when I give these items as gifts, the memories that I have of creating the object get transferred somehow to them.  That in the blanket’s next stage of life, it will remember how lovingly it was created.

That’s why I craft and create! Why do you craft?



3 thoughts on “Redefining Crafting: The Joy of Creating

  1. I love having craft nights with friends, especially when each of us are working on a different project. Such as a night of quilting and crocheting blankets watching our favorite movies 🙂

    Posted by Carrie | February 26, 2013, 6:50 pm


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