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Roll into Spring with Capital Bikeshare

We Love Capital Bikeshare!

We Love Capital Bikeshare!

I love the first of March.  March means that it’s warm enough and sunny enough to grab my bike out of storage and start riding my bike to work.  I get giddy with anticipation of my first ride in – it’s still a bit cold on the start  but I’m warm all over by the time I reach my office.  March is the perfect month to start swapping out some of your driving trips with bike trips – you can jet over to the grocery store and back, cycle down to the library – it’s cool enough where you won’t break a sweat, but warm enough you won’t slip on any ice.

Want to ride but don’t own a bike?  You can still roll into Spring with Capital Bikeshare!  Capital Bikeshare has an impressive array of stations all over the city (it’s the largest in the nation), and I’m sure there’s a station near you.  It’s an affordable alternative to driving, whether you want to ride a bike for a 15 minute jaunt or a day long trip.  Capital Bikeshare has a fleet of people working tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure your 1st trip on Capital Bikeshare is just as enjoyable as your 100th.

DC is a great city to bike in and around – after all, we rank #6 in the top 10 cities to bike in! Check out goDCgo and DC’s Department of Transportation for more information.  Also, the Washington Area Bicyclist Association is here for you!

Afraid to bike to work? Don’t worry, at one point, we were too.  But, after a Capital Bikeshare adventure together we now ride more often.  Check out our post on the top ten excuses for not biking to work, and then dust off that bike and go ride!


2 thoughts on “Roll into Spring with Capital Bikeshare

  1. Yay! You’ve got me ready to roll and I’m usually loathe to bike anywhere. Love this!

    Posted by Rachel Mlinarchik | February 28, 2013, 9:47 am

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