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Redefining Crafting: Wrapping up

1687_582370721782829_1138379061_nI think you can tell that we here at Redefining Eco love to craft. This series has been so much fun to write! We’ve talked about yarn crafts, wine bottle crafts, ways to reuse what’s around you, and how to put your crafting to good use.

The great things about crafting is that it can keep going on and on.  You can keep learning new tricks and patterns and ideas, and you can keep giving those beautiful crafts a home.  Here are just a few things to keep in mind when coming up with your new idea:

  1. What materials will I be using? Can I find these materials around my house? Can I find materials that have been made from recycled material or from other materials that match my values? We have a choice when choosing materials to make the project eco-friendly from start to finish.  What goes into the project affects how eco-friendly it will be.  Look for substitute materials that may be more earth friendly. 
  2. Will this craft have a purpose? While I’ll get lots of enjoyment out of making the craft, what purpose will it serve? Will the use of materials be worth using? Remember that materials are not endless – they cost the environment something to make, so make sure that when you use wool or paper or wood materials that you are using them with specific intent.

Keeping these two ideas in mind when beginning to plan a new project will ensure that your craft project will have minimal impact on the environment, and will bring enjoyment to everyone!



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