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Volunteering at My Local CSA

vegetables2Yesterday I volunteered at my local CSA‘s pick-up location.  I greeted people in 90 degree heat as they came to pick up their weekly fruit and veggie shares, and though I was soaked in sweat, I had a great time.  I met my fellow shareholders and got to spend some time with another volunteer and her 4 year old son.  While doling out pints of blueberries and zucchinis the size of your arm, time and time again I found myself smiling as I inhaled the smells that wafted up out of the boxes of produce. They smelled like springtime and green-time and made me want to sit on a porch and tuck into a giant bowl of blueberries and cream.  By the end of my shift I was in high spirits and looking forward to a big dinner of fresh produce.vegetables

Each shareholder that I met collected their veggies with a massive grin on their face, exclaiming, “Oh boy, blueberries!” or “That basil smells amazing!” Even though everyone had red faces and hair slicked with sweat they were happy to come collect their weekly veggies in the blazing heat, and it made me realize that fresh good food makes happy memories.  Everyone was so eager to pitch in a hand – helping to fold their unused boxes and carefully stacking empty cartons against the wall; working last night at the pick-up location made me feel like part of a community, and I loved it.

If you live in the Pennsylvania area, Earth Spring Farm offers workshare opportunities – where you can learn about organic produce farming in a hands-on setting.  Not only do you learn how to farm, but you get a small size box of produce and a fruit share for your hard work.  Last night I experienced first hand all of the hard work that goes into organic farming.  But I also experienced all of the joy that comes along with that work – and memories of my night out among the farmers will last far longer than the basil and the blueberries.



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