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We’ve Moved!

We are so excited to tell you that we have moved to a bigger and better site! We’ve been working really hard on this all summer long, and it’s finally ready!  You can now find us at: We’ll be updating that site regularly from now on, so stop on over and check out the … Continue reading

Do Summer Vacation – Eco Style

It’s summertime. It’s hot, it’s sticky, it’s heavy. It’s time to get out of the city and out to somewhere cooler, or at least different. You could hop a plane to the gorgeous beaches of the Caribbean, or take the next flight to the non-humid California, but that would demolish your carbon footprint for the … Continue reading

Happy Fourth of July!

We hope you enjoy the day with family and friends! Did you make it an eco-friendly 4th? Share in the comments!

How to Eat Well on a Budget

You’re eco-friendly.  You take public transportation or ride a bike when possible. You are conscious of the amount of water, plastic and electricity you consume. You dream about local, organic food. Because, let’s face it, you are on a budget and eating well is one of the few eco-friendly things that costs more than eating … Continue reading

Food Security in our Neighborhoods

When I think of food security, I think of countries in the developing world, where food and water scarcity go hand in hand. I think of places out in the middle of no where, where droughts have devastated crops and monoculture attitudes have meant disaster if that crop fails. I think of the big industrial … Continue reading

Redefining Crafting: Creative Crafts Using Gift Wrap

The following is a guest post by Marcela De Vivo. Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer from Southern California who writes on a range of topics, including marketing, travel and technology. When she is not managing her business, she enjoys DIY projects in her free time. . Read her other posts for Redefining Eco. We’ve all been faced … Continue reading

Eco-Friendly Travel – How to Travel Green

The following is a guest post by Marcela De Vivo. Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer from Southern California who writes on everything from health, marketing, and tech. She loves spending time at beach-side Destin vacation rentals  and has done a lot of travelling in her life, and always travels green when she can. In addition to reducing her … Continue reading

Eco-Friendly Tourism – It’s Happening Right Now

The following is a guest post by Sam Marquit.  Sam is an entrepreneurial independent contractor and home renovation/remodeling expert in New York. She’s made it a point to share with her readers a day in the life of sustainable building. Forecasting the possible application and implementation of new green building materials and technologies is just … Continue reading

My day at Broccoli Fest

On Sunday, I went to Broccoli Fest at the DC Fairgrounds.  We went pretty early – just an hour or two after it opened up for the day. When we got there, the music was already playing, and the crowd was beginning to arrive.  We went straight to the food truck area, which was toward … Continue reading

Broccoli Fest in DC – April 22!

We are so excited to share information about Broccoli Fest in DC on April 21st! Broccoli Fest is a showcase for cool, sustainable lifestyle choices in the DC Metro Area. It’s going to be great, AND we’ll be there walking around! Below is more information about Broccoli Fest from Broccoli City. Make sure to get your … Continue reading