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Do Summer Vacation – Eco Style

It’s summertime. It’s hot, it’s sticky, it’s heavy. It’s time to get out of the city and out to somewhere cooler, or at least different. You could hop a plane to the gorgeous beaches of the Caribbean, or take the next flight to the non-humid California, but that would demolish your carbon footprint for the … Continue reading

Eco-Friendly Travel – How to Travel Green

The following is a guest post by Marcela De Vivo. Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer from Southern California who writes on everything from health, marketing, and tech. She loves spending time at beach-side Destin vacation rentals  and has done a lot of travelling in her life, and always travels green when she can. In addition to reducing her … Continue reading

My day at Broccoli Fest

On Sunday, I went to Broccoli Fest at the DC Fairgrounds.  We went pretty early – just an hour or two after it opened up for the day. When we got there, the music was already playing, and the crowd was beginning to arrive.  We went straight to the food truck area, which was toward … Continue reading

Broccoli Fest in DC – April 22!

We are so excited to share information about Broccoli Fest in DC on April 21st! Broccoli Fest is a showcase for cool, sustainable lifestyle choices in the DC Metro Area. It’s going to be great, AND we’ll be there walking around! Below is more information about Broccoli Fest from Broccoli City. Make sure to get your … Continue reading

Ecology and the National Mall

I recently attended DC EcoWomen’s EcoHour with Teresa Durkin, Senior Project Director for the Trust for the National Mall.  I was astonished to find that the Trust plans to make over 700 million dollars of improvements to the mall over the next decade, and raised over 350 million to match the government’s funding to get … Continue reading

Spring Forward and Make a Change

Spring is the season for change.  We move our clocks forward an hour, and gain extra sunlight, warmth and new possibilities.  Why not use that extra hour to make a difference and volunteer? When you volunteer, you gain so much more than spending a day among new friends – you help make a positive impact … Continue reading

Redefining Crafting: The Joy of Creating

What I love about crafting is the idea of creating something new from something else.  A new blanket from a pile of yarn, a new canvas from old wine corks, new candle holders from old jars. The idea of giving something new life attracts me to crafting in a serious way. And I love the … Continue reading

Redefining Crafting: Give those crafts a new meaning

I think it’s clear by now that here at Redefining Eco, we love crafting.  And there’s lots of ways to make crafting eco-friendly – you can re-purpose materials, and you can choose organic materials. But how can you make the final product a little more eco-friendly? One way is to carefully plan your crafts. Know … Continue reading

Redefining Crafting: What to do when you love wine and crafting

Wine, Wine Everywhere…so what to do with the bottles? In my house, we drink wine. Which is great, but it leaves us recycling a lot of wine bottles.  So when it came to indulging my crafty nature, I took a look at the wine bottles we had siting by the recycling bin.  And there are a … Continue reading

Redefining Crafting: Making a Quilt for the New Year

Reviving our waters is like making a quilt: you work with what you have. And the more people who are working on the different parts, the faster it goes. In the case of fresh water this means involving women and men everywhere in protecting and, in some cases, reconstructing the natural patterns that ensure that all of us have … Continue reading