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We’ve Moved!

We are so excited to tell you that we have moved to a bigger and better site! We’ve been working really hard on this all summer long, and it’s finally ready!  You can now find us at: We’ll be updating that site regularly from now on, so stop on over and check out the … Continue reading

Volunteering at My Local CSA

Yesterday I volunteered at my local CSA‘s pick-up location.  I greeted people in 90 degree heat as they came to pick up their weekly fruit and veggie shares, and though I was soaked in sweat, I had a great time.  I met my fellow shareholders and got to spend some time with another volunteer and … Continue reading

Redefining Crafting: What to do when you love wine and crafting

Wine, Wine Everywhere…so what to do with the bottles? In my house, we drink wine. Which is great, but it leaves us recycling a lot of wine bottles.  So when it came to indulging my crafty nature, I took a look at the wine bottles we had siting by the recycling bin.  And there are a … Continue reading

Redefining Crafting: Making a Quilt for the New Year

Reviving our waters is like making a quilt: you work with what you have. And the more people who are working on the different parts, the faster it goes. In the case of fresh water this means involving women and men everywhere in protecting and, in some cases, reconstructing the natural patterns that ensure that all of us have … Continue reading

Happy Birthday to Redefining Eco!

Dear Redefining Eco Community, Redefining Eco is celebrating our one year anniversary today! It has been a fantastic journey, filled with lots of learning and love.  I am so excited to celebrate this milestone, and to see what the next year will bring us! This blog started as a project to help me get writing … Continue reading

Breaking the Cycle of Consumption

This year, Black Friday sales start on Thursday evening, instead of waiting till Friday to entice shoppers to buy.  Each year creeps closer and closer to the holiday, with this year being on the actual day.  Some people have already started lining up for sales, content to miss out on Thanksgiving altogether so that they … Continue reading

The Tipping Point and Accountability

Last night, I was at a networking event chatting with a woman who worked as a behavioral science researcher for an energy firm.  Her job was to research consumers behaviors, and what the catalyst is for moving those consumers to more eco-friendly energy habits.  The conversation turned to why the argument for money saving on … Continue reading

REDUCE: A Spotlight on Plastic Bags

  In January 2010, Washington DC imposed a 5 cent bag tax for consumers.  One of the first “bag-tax” in the United States, bakeries, delicatessens, grocery stores, drugstores, convenience stores, department stores and any other “business that sells food items” must charge the 5 cent tax on paper or plastic bags; and wow, what a … Continue reading

Trash Talk: Redefining Refuse

How many times a day do you throw something into the trash bin?  20 times? 50 times?  Do you throw away 4 pounds of trash a day?  If you think that number is a little high, think again: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reported that Americans generated 250 million tons of trash in 2010 – that’s OVER 4 … Continue reading

Fall’s arrival means fall recipes

This past weekend marked the first official day of fall! I can feel the weather changing – that crisp feeling in the air in the mornings and the lack of humidity all signal that a new season is here. I am not a fan of the cold weather, but there’s something great about the fall … Continue reading