Numerous stores now offer clothes recycling programs.  As we hear about the various programs, we will update our Resource page, so be sure to check back often!  If you find out about a clothes recycling program that isn’t listed here, leave a comment below to let us know all of the details!


Do you have old cell phones that you are looking to recycle responsibly? Earthworks’ Recycle My Cell Phone campaign has two great options to help you do so!

1. Mail them in or drop them off at our office:

Recycle My Cell Phone
c/o Earthworks
1612 K St. NW
Suite 808
Washington, DC 20006

2. Drop off you old cell phones (condition does not matter) on Tuesday, April 17 or Wednesday, April 18 between 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. at either Farragut Square Park (Connecticut Ave & K Street) or Duke Ellington Park (21st & M Streets) and receive a free flower!

The Recycle My Cell Phone campaign is a grassroots effort to build awareness about recycling and the environmental impacts of cell phone waste. Earthworks seeks to educate consumers about the impacts of their purchases, beginning with the extraction of raw materials through the end of product life. By inviting others to participate we hope to achieve a critical mass and significantly increase the rate of cell phone recycling.  Currently, industry and other collection campaigns combined only recycle 10% of retired cell phones.

Our recycling partner, MPC, has locations in Philadelphia, PA, and Minneapolis, MN, and has been a leading electronics recycler for 30 years. They hold e-Steward, R2 and NAID certificates, along with many other relevant environmental and information safety certificates. We ensure that no part of your cell phone will ever enter a landfill and that your personal information will be destroyed.

All donations are tax deductible and benefit Earthworks.


The e-Stewards Initiative is a project of the Basel Action Network (BAN), which is a 501(c)3 non-profit, charitable organization of the United States, based in Seattle, Washington. It is against the backdrop of the growing e-waste crisis that the e-Stewards Initiative was born. Without appropriate national and international legislation or enforcement in place in many regions, it is unfortunately left up to individual citizens, corporations, universities, cities – all of us – to figure out how to prevent the toxic materials in electronics from continuing to cause long term harm to human health and the environment, particularly in countries with developing economies.


Turtle Wings is a woman-owned business committed to making the world a better place by reusing and recycling electronics. The founder, Elizabeth, has had a life long interest in reuse and recycling of all materials, values that remain at the core of our business even as we have expanded into areas such as hard drive disposal and data destruction.

eAssest Solutions 

The city of Falls Church, Virginia has partnered with the company eAsset solutions to recycle the city’s electronic waste. They recycle just about anything electronic, and are really easy to get to. They even have a storer where you can burare stored electronics.

The following list comes from


  • Battery Mart
    1 Battery Drive
    Winchester, VA 22601
    (800) 405-2121
    Car batteries, NiCad batteries, lead-acid batteries (non-automotive), other batteries, rechargeable batteries
    This program does not pay for shipping costs. Please call for further details.
  • Battery Solutions iRecycle Kit
    Howell, MI 48843
    (800) 852-8127
    Cell phones, mp3 players, NiCad batteries, other batteries, rechargeable batteries, single-use batteries
    The iRecycle Kit includes everything you need to recycle your batteries and handheld electronics. You simply collect all dry-cell battery types and hand-held electronics together and mail them in. Please visit the website to order the Kit.

Cell Phones & Small Electronics

  • Barclay Enterprises
    Colton, CA 92324
    (800) 513-9962
    Cell phones, telephones
    Please visit the website to fill out a return authorization form, and you will receive more information.
  • Cash For Critters
    Phoenix, AZ 85080
    (602) 467-7027
    Cell phones
    This program is open to any organization, either for-profit or nonprofit, needing to raise funds. This includes all animal rescue groups, animal rights groups, animal protection agencies, animal shelters and animal welfare groups or any kind of nonprofit organization wanting to raise money. Please call or visit the website for more information.
  • Cell Funds
    Los Angeles, CA 91411
    (866) 874-6759
    Cell phones
    This program buys used cell phones. Please visit the website for shipping information.
  • Cell Phones for Soldiers
    Norwell, MA 02061
    (781) 588-2608
    Cell phones
    This organization uses the funds received from recycling to help soldiers abroad talk to their families at home.
  • Charitable Recycling Program
    Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302
    (888) 300-1052
    Cell phones
    Donations are accepted by mail, but please visit the website for a shipping label. This program accepts any used or retired cell phone. For each phone received, a donation will be made to charity.
  • eCycle Group
    Ojai, CA 93023
    (800) 416-5251
    Cell phones, inkjet cartridges, mp3 players, toner cartridges
    This program supplies pre-paid shipping labels. It purchases empty inkjet and laser cartridges from a variety of sources including primary schools, colleges and universities, businesses and individual collectors. It pays top dollar for empty printer cartridges which makes it a fundraising source. Please call or visit the web site for more information.
  • EcoPhones Electronics Recycling
    Dallas, TX 75220
    (888) 326-7466
    Cell phones, inkjet cartridges, mp3 players
    This program will pay for cell phones, laptops, inkjet cartridges, digital and video cameras, mp3 players and gold jewelry. Please visit the website for shipping information.
  • ecyclecenter
    Minneapolis, MN 55413
    (651) 775-6817
    Cell phones
    This program is a secure mobile device management service. It destroys data electronically or physically. Please visit the website to download a shipping label.
  • Folica Hair Dryer Recycling Program
    Dayton, NJ 08810
    (888) 919-4247
    Flat irons, hair dryers
    This program allows you to recycle your old hair dryer or flat iron and get a coupon to purchase a new product on Please visit the website for more information.
    P.O. Box 324
    Massapequa Park, 11762
    (888) 340-1121
    Cell phones, inkjet cartridges, mp3 players, toner cartridges
    This program offers free shipping labels. Please visit the website for more information.
  • GreenPhone Recycling Program
    Boulder, CO 80301
    (310) 294-5400
    Cell phones
    GreenPhone offers a trade-in program to recycle cell phones for cash. It also plants a tree for every device recycled. Please visit the website to get started.
    1 City Boulevard West 1120, Orange, CA 92868
    (949) 274-2247
    Cell phones
    Please note: will pay for shipping throughout the United States. Please visit the website to request a prepaid shipping box to be delivered to the address of your choice.
  • National Coalition Against Domestic Violence Cell Phone Donation Program
    Dexter, MI 48130
    (303) 839-1852
    Cell phones
    Proceeds from the collection and sale of deactivated cell phones help fund the NCADV’s mission to end violence in the home. Please visit the website for a pre-paid postage slip.
  • Nextworth Electronics Recycling
    Lawrence, MA 01840
    (978) 374-6398
    Cell phones, game console, mp3 players
    This program buys used gadgets, games and media. Please visit the website to get a quote and for shipping information.
  • Phone Fund
    631 S 31st St, Richmond, CA 94804
    (800) 981-9019
    Cell phones, computer donation, electronics (digital cameras and PDAs)
    Your donation can be directed to the school of your choice by sending your used cell phones, batteries and accessories to us with the school of your choice noted when you ship the phones. Please visit website to generate a free shipping label and donation letter for your tax records. This is a mail-in program.
  • ReCellular, Inc. DONATE A PHONE® Program
    2555 Bishop Circle
    West Dexter, MI 48130
    (800) 441-1544
    Cell phones
    This program  recycles used wireless phones to help the environment and raise funds for a variety of charities. Most phones are resold as economical alternatives to new phones or refurbished to become lifelines for domestic violence victims. The rest are safely recycled in accordance with all applicable U.S. environmental regulations. Please visit the website for shipping information.
    11 E Hubbard St
    Chicago, IL 60611
    (312) 245-2505
    Laptop computers
  • Recycle For a Cause
    451 W 69th St
    Loveland, CO 80538
    (877) 790-1870
    Cell phones, inkjet cartridges, toner cartridges
    This program accepts ink and toner cartridges, cell phones, iPods, laptops, PDA’s, video games and video game consoles, GPS devices, digital cameras, and DVD movies. It donates a large percentage of the proceeds to charitable organizations that coincide with seven different programs; recycle for Pets, Water, Hunger Relief, Victims of Domestic Violence, Global Warming, Refugees and Soldiers.
  • Recycle It America
    Mound, MN 55364
    (612) 483-3500
    Cell phones, computer monitors, game consoles, mp3 players
    This company provide free shipping and recycling, and also offers rewards for items of value. Please visit the website to get started.
  • Shelter Alliance
    2201 SW 145th Ave #209
    Hollywood, FL 33027
    (866) 744-1003
    Cell phones
    Donate cell phones to benefit a nonprofit organization. Visit the website for free shipping information.
  • Sprint Project Connect
    Overland Park, KS 66251
    (866) 364-5680
    Cell phones
    Sprint Project Connect is a free service for anyone who has wireless phones, batteries, accessories and data cards that they no longer use, regardless of makes and model, carrier or condition. The net proceeds from all equipment collected will fund and promote free Internet safety resources for kids. To recycle your wireless device, pick up a free, postage-paid envelope at any Sprint-owned store nationwide. Or, print the free, pre-paid shipping label on the website.
  • Two-Way Radio Recycling Program
    Carlsbad, CA 92011
    (888) 742-5893
    Two-way radios
    Earn money by recycling your old two-way radios, batteries and accessories. Please visit the website for a quote and shipping information.
  • US Recycling
    1118 Shop Road, Columbia, SC 29201
    (888) 628-3639
    Cell phones, inkjet cartridges, mp3 players, office machines, toner cartridges
    This program pays cash for empty printer cartridges, used cell phones and IT equipment.
  • Watts Wireless Cell Phone Recycling Program
    Haltom City, TX 76117
    (800) 557-9201
    Cell phones and other wireless communication equipment
    This is a National Program. For consumers and businesses that are outside of the Fort Worth area, please call for information and a shipping label.

Electronic Media

  • Alternative Community Training (ACT)
    2200 Burlington St.
    Columbia, MO 65202
    (800) 359-4607
    Cell phones, cassette tapes, compact discs, floppy disks, jewel cases, video tapes
    ACT is a non-profit organization that works in conjunction with GreenDisk and offers a convenient, comprehensive recycling program for electronic media and cell phones. Please visit the website and complete and submit the Online Donor Form.
  • Back Thru The Future CD/DVD Recycling Program
    1 Park Dr #9
    Franklin, NJ 07419
    (973) 823-9752
    Compact discs/DVDs, jewel cases
    Place your CDs and/or DVDs in suitable shipping package. Transportation expense is your cost. It is important that you separate the discs from the jewel case and remove any paper. Please write “CD” on the outside of your shipping package.
  • CD Recycling Center of America
    68 Stiles Rd
    Salem, NH 03079
    (603) 894-5553
    Compact discs/DVDs, jewel cases
    This program recycles the disc, the paper booklet and any other paper or cardboard that comes with the disc. Please separate discs and paper prior to sending them in, and label boxes accordingly. You are responsible for shipping costs.
  • CD Recycling Central
    c/o Polysource International Inc.
    13505 Yorba Ave, Unit R
    Chino, CA 91710
    Cell phones, compact discs/DVDs,  floppy disks, inkjet cartridges, jewel cases, toner cartridges, video tapes
    If you shred the CDs, please don’t shred the paper and cases along with it. This program will will send you via fax or mail a Certificate of Destruction upon request.
  • Envirom CD, Inc.
    20810 Cork Cir
    Yorba Linda, CA 92886
    (714) 694-0925
    Compact discs
    This program offers certified destruction and recycling of CDs. This includes documentation of destruction, but the sender pays shipping charges. Please call for more information.
  • Green Disk
    Issaquah, WA 98209
    (800) 305-3475
    Cell phones, compact discs/DVDs, computer monitors, computer recycling, floppy disks, inkjet cartridges, mp3 players, office machines, toner cartridges, video tapes (and cases)
    Please call or visit the website for shipping information and additional information. This is a fee-based service.
  • MRC Polymers Compact Disc Recycling Program
    3535 W 31st St
    Chicago, IL 60623
    (773) 890-9000
    Compact discs/DVDs, jewel cases
    Please mail all CDs/DVDs and jewel cases to Data Management Services c/o DADC Recycling Program. Please keep CDs and DVDs separate and remove any paper from jewel cases.

Household Miscellaneous Items

  • American Children’s Safety Network License Plate Recycling Program
    PO Box 146
    Paris, MO 65275
    (660) 346-0307
    License plates
    This program recycles vehicle license plates and car tags, new and old, and uses the proceeds to purchase bicycle helmets and give them to schools, police departments, fire departments and health departments.
  • Armstrong World Industries Ceiling Tile Program
    Lancaster, PA 17604
    (877) 276-7876
    Ceiling tiles
    This company recycles mineral fiber ceiling tiles. Tiles must be pre-approved prior to shipping. Please call for a representative in your area and more detailed instructions.
  • Awardex Trophy Recycling Program
    Barrington, IL 60010
    (847) 794-3347
    Awardex will accept trophies, medals, plaques and awards and recycle them for parts or re-engrave and donate them. Please call or visit the website for details on where to send trophies.
  • CEMCO Cylinder Disposal
    Auburn, NY 13021
    (315) 253-2886
    Propane tanks
    This mail-in program specializes in the complete recovery of the contents remaining and the recovery of small one pound propane cylinders (camping stove type). Please call to schedule a shipment or drop-off.
  • Crazy Crayon Recycle Program
    721 Village Rd
    Pelican Lake, WI 54463
    (800) 561-0922
    This program takes takes unwanted, rejected, broken crayons and recycles them into fresh, new crayons. It accepts all crayons, but please know that crayons from foreign countries will be sorted out and discarded since they may contain lead and plastics. E-mail LuAnn at with additional questions.
  • Dreamscapes Recycling Program
    35344 Sarah Lynn Dr #202
    Dade City, FL 33525
    (866) 446-9172
    Adult toys
    Please wash your toy with soap and water before shipping it. Remove the batteries and place your clean toy into a sealed plastic or paper bag and then pack it for shipping. Please be sure to include your name and email address along with the toy to receive a $10 gift card. If you do not desire a gift card, please mark the bottom of your box with a big “X.”
  • Educational Assistance Limited
    Glen Ellyn, IL 60138
    (630) 690-0010
    Computer donation, computer monitors, household furniture, household item donation/reuse, office furniture, reusable appliance donation, scrap metal, tools
    EAL helps turn excess or unwanted inventory, gently used equipment and services into college tuition for needy students. It also accepts donations of cash, securities and other valuable assets. If you wish to donate inventory or services to EAL, the first step is to download, complete, and fax the inventory form on the website, so that EAL can determine if donations meet the criteria. In most cases, the donor takes care of shipping costs as they may be tax deductible.
  • Garment Recovery Systems Tyvek Recycling Program
    2030 E Summer St
    Hammond, IN 46320
    (219) 989-4627
    Tyvek® apparel
    This program accepts lab coats and coveralls, aprons, frocks, sleeves, boot/shoe covers and hoods. It pays for shipping if you print a label from the website. If you are have non-Tyvek® disposable apparel, please visit the website for further evaluation.
  • Lamb Awards Recycling Program
    Westminster, MD 21157
    (410) 876-1444
    Lamb Awards will either donate matching sets to charities in need or break the trophies down for parts. These parts will go on to other trophy winners. Please visit the website before sending any trophies. This program also accepts old plaques, sculptures and medals. You are responsible for any expenses related to shipping the old items here.
  • Lions In Sight Recycling Program
    1404 Lemon Street, Vallejo, CA 94590
    (707) 648-2306
    Lions In Sight is dedicated to bringing basic eye care and eyeglasses to a world of people in need. Please place your eyeglasses in a box with tissue or newspaper padding and mail to the address listed or look for a Lions In Sight collection box where you buy your glasses.
  • Locks of Love Hair Donation Program
    West Palm Beach, FL 33405
    (561) 833-7332
    Locks of Love is a public non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children in the United States and Canada under age 21 suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis. To participate, please visit the website for donation information. Hair must be at least 10 inches long and in ponytail form.
  • Matter of Trust Hair Recycling Program
    San Francisco, CA 94114
    (415) 235-2403
    Matter of Trust takes hair and fur clippings and nylons, and uses them to make hair mats to help clean up oil spills. Please visit the website to register, and then you will receive an address to send hair to. Please do not include anything besides hair and nylons.
  • New Eyes For the Needy
    Short Hills, NJ 07078
    (973) 376-4903
    New Eyes for the Needy is a non-profit charity that purchases new prescription glasses for poor residents of the U.S. and recycles donated eyeglasses for distribution to indigent people overseas. This program accepts reading glasses and sunglasses, hearing aids, watches and jewelry, silverware and giftware and dentures with gold inlays. Please call for proper mailing instructions, and be sure to include your return address inside the package so that this organization can send you an acknowledgement.
  • Nike Reuse-A-Shoe Program
    3552 Avenue of Commerce
    Memphis, TN 38125
    (800) 344-6453
    This program accepts any athletic shoe that does not contain metal. You can visit the website to download a shipping label. There are also drop-off locations in some Nike Factory Stores.
  • Rebounces Tennis Ball Recycling Program
    1313 Hwy 62-65 N, Suite F
    Harrison, AR 72601
    (888) 630-5696
    Tennis balls
    To receive a prepaid shipping label, send an email to with your name, shipping address and the number of balls you wish to send. Pre-paid shipping is only available for quantities of 100 balls or more. Once shipped, balls will be re-pressurized to industry standard pressure and offered for purchase as practice balls.
  • Recycle Your Mat
    1855 W 2nd Ave
    Eugene, OR 97402
    (541) 556-9191
    Yoga mats
    Once your mat is received, you will be emailed a coupon for your next order to Manduka gear.
  • Scarlet Girl Recycling Program
    5331 SW Macadam Ave, Ste 258-409
    Portland, OR 97239
    (503) 616-3931
    Adult toys
    This program will recycle your unwanted or broken adult toys.  For each package of toys submitted Scarlet Girl will give you a $10 credit toward a future purchase. Simply mail your clean, dry adult toys and they will be disinfected and disassembled  to remove and segregate all components and electronics.
  • Sheer No Nonsense Pantyhose Recycling Program
    3707 W Fifth St
    Lumberton, NC 28358
    To participate in this program, put all pantyhose, nylon knee highs and tights in a box, regardless of brand. You can download and print a shipping label from the website, then send in for recycling.
  • The Bra Recyclers
    3317 S Higley Rd Suite #114-441
    Gilbert, AZ 85297
    (480) 988-2283
    All bras must be washed. Please fill out the Bra Recycling Form on the website and mail to the attention of Elaine Birks-Mitchell.
  • The Pen Guy Recycling Program
    P.O.Box 994
    Forestville, CA 95436
    Pens, markers, highlighters
    This program takes used pens and turns them into artwork. Please visit the website for more details.
  • Total Awards & Promotions Trophy Recycling Program
    7475 Mineral Point Rd
    Madison, WI 53717
    (608) 833-1716
    Total Awards & Promotions will accept trophies, medals, plaques and awards and recycle them for parts or re-engrave and donate them to non-profits.
  • Yemm and Hart Wine Cork Recycling
    425 N Chamber Dr
    Fredericktown, MO 63645
    (573) 783-5434
    Send your wine and Champagne cork stoppers prepaid (paid by sender) to Yemm & Hart via UPS or USPS.

Inkjet & Toner Cartridges

  • Brother Cartridge Collection Program
    Memphis, TN 38133
    Toner cartridges
    This is a national mail-in program offered by Brother International. For more information or to print a free prepaid label, please visit the website.
    Rochester, NY 14609
    (800) 594-4468
    Cell phones, inkjet cartridges, toner cartridges
    This program pays you to recycle old cell phones, empty inkjet and laser printer cartridges. Please contact the company for specific model numbers, other brands and cash amounts paid for each.
  • Coastal Recycling Centers
    Palm Desert, CA 92260
    (760) 636-4892
    Cell phones, inkjet cartridges, toner cartridges
    Please visit the website for pre-paid shipping containers.
  • CURE Recycling
    Woodstock, GA 30188
    (404) 680-1043
    Cell phones, inkjet cartridges
    CURE Recycling recovers used printer cartridges, PDAs and cell phones from schools, businesses, non-profit organizations and government agencies, which are inspected and recycled for reuse. Please visit the website for more information and pre-paid shipping labels.
  • Enviro Solutions LLC
    Lexington, SC 29071
    (803) 629-3218
    Cell phones, inkjet cartridges, toner cartridges
    This is a national program and will send free collection and shipping materials to any location. Return costs are pre-paid. Please visit the website to obtain free shipping materials.
    Laguna Niguel, CA 92607
    (949) 363-8201
    Cell phones, compact discs, inkjet cartridges
    This program will pay per cartridge and phone sent, and pays for shipping nationwide.
    Erie, PA 16507
    (888) 883-8237
    Cell phones, inkjet cartridges, toner cartridges
    Please call or visit the website to receive your welcome kit containing a sampling of available postage paid boxes. Recycling is available at no cost to the sender. This program awards points for items collected which are redeemable toward technology, sports equipment, playground equipment or cash. Points are provided based on the brand of the item you have. This program offers schools and nonprofits a fundraising opportunity.
  • Laser Save
    843 State Route 33 #11
    Freehold, NJ 07728
    (732) 431-3339
    Inkjet cartridges, toner cartridges
    This program accepts ink and laser cartridges for drop-off or by mail. Laser Save provides replacement and original toner supplies for laser printers, fax, desk jets and copiers in addition to new and refurbished equipment. Once your cartridge is received, you will have the option of receiving a check or making a donation to a charity such as Child Help USA.
  • Nukote International
    Franklin, TN 37064
    (866) 527-0650
    Inkjet cartridges, toner cartridges
    This program only accepts specific brands and models of cartridges, but will pay for those products. Please call or visit the website for information and for free collection supplies (envelopes, bins).
  • Printpal Recycling
    910 Chevy Way
    Medford, OR 97504
    (888) 772-1361
    Inkjet cartridges, toner cartridges
    Please call for a JetPak mailer to send your cartridges in.
  • Recycle Rewards
    Erie, PA 16507
    (888) 336-9181
    Cell phones, inkjet cartridges, toner cartridges

    Recycle Rewards is a program designed to make fundraising simple, educational, ecological and profitable. Please visit the website to obtain a shipping label.
  • Shadow Fax, Inc.
    4601 Helgesen Drive
    Madison, WI 53718
    (800) 837-1918
    Toner cartridges
    This program only accepts laser printer toner cartridges. Please call for a label, shipping instructions or for pick-up information.

Large Electronics

  • Apple Computer Recycling Program
    Cupertino, CA 95014
    (888) 638-2761
    Computer monitors, computer recycling, mp3 players
    Apple’s free computer and iPod recycling programs in the US make it easy for consumers to help protect the environment. This program involves purchasing a prepaid shipping label and shipping your used computer or monitor to Apple’s recycling partner. In certain states, there is no fee for recycling.
  • A-Z Computer Recycling & Liquidation
    1661 South Brookhurst, Unit 1, Anaheim, CA 92804
    (714) 563-1029
    Computer monitors, computer recycling, electronics, office machines
    A-Z computer liquidators specialize in buying, selling, remarketing and recycling used computer parts, electronic components, telecom, network, lab and test equipment, and peripherals. There is no charge to bring in laptops, P4 / P3 / G4 / G3 windows and Mac desktop and towers, laptop parts and laptop accessories. All hard drives, CD-ROMs, loose PC boards / cards, all cables, all retail packaged / sealed software, all telephone equipment, all test equipment, all networking equipment (hubs, routers, switches, etc.). Please visit the website for further information regarding any fees.
  • Computer Corps
    6373 Highway 50 East, Carson City, NV 89701
    (775) 883-2323
    Compact discs, computer donation, computer monitors, computer recycling, electronics, office machines
    You may contact this program by e-mail at or by fax at 775-883-7676. This program accepts all electronic waste except televisions.
  • Dell Global Recycling
    Round Rock, TX 78682
    (888) 576-3818
    Computer monitors, computers
    Dell gives several different options as to how you can get rid of your computers. You may trade it in for store credit toward new Dell hardware, auction it via or donate it, through the National Cristina Foundation, to disabled or economically disadvantaged children and adults. Please either call or visit the website for more information.
  • Hewlett-Packard Planet Partners Recycling Program
    Palo Alto, CA 94304
    (888) 485-1849
    Cell phones, computer monitors, computers, electronics, inkjet cartridges, mp3 players, office machines, toner cartridges
    HP recycling services provides an easy way to recycle computer equipment, printing supplies and electronics regardless of brand. Please visit the website for information on how to ship materials based on where you live.
  • Intercon Solutions
    4401 West Ogden Avenue
    Chicago, IL 60623
    (888) 452-5642
    Compact discs, computer donations, computer monitors, computer recycling, electronics, game console reuse, NiCad batteries, nonferrous metal, office machines, rechargeable batteries, telephones, televisions
    Intercon Recycling, with over 30 years of recycling experience and a fully approved environmental facility, is equipped to handle the recycling needs for corporations of any size as well as individuals. Specifically, we deal with all types of computers, electronics, miscellaneous electrical equipment, scrap metals, cables, and some other recyclables such as batteries. As a growing recycling company that cares deeply about the environment, they would like to help you maintain a firm grasp on your company environmental liabilities. You can send your equipment to them in Chicago for recycling. For a quote please send a complete list of items to be recycled via fax or email. Once they receive the equipment they will send you a Certificate of Recycling that releases your company from any environmental liabilities. It is not legally necessary at this time for individuals to receive Certificates of Recycling but they provide them anyway. At Intercon Recycling, they have a Zero-tolerance landfill policy, which means that no part of any equipment sent to them will end up in a landfill. You may also call 773-521-5642, fax them at 773-762-2604, or email them at for more information.
  • PC Disposal
    Olathe, KS 66062
    (877) 244-0250
    Cell phones, computer monitors, computer recycling, electronics, telephones, televisions
    This program will accept computers, monitors, televisions, electronics, phone systems, main frames, printers, plotters, and more. Please visit for packaging materials and instructions.

Light Bulbs

  • All Lamp Recycling, LLC
    Joplin, MO 64802
    (417) 782-7244
    Ballasts, CFLs, fluorescent tubes, NiCad batteries, other batteries, rechargeable batteries, single-use batteries
    Please call or visit the website to order a recycling container. This program provides a recycling certificate.
  • Christmas Light Source Recycling Program
    1923 6th Ave
    Fort Worth, TX 76110
    (866) 926-4877
    String lights
    Please box Christmas lights (broken or unbroken) and send to the address provided. Include your name, address and email address and you’ll receive an email code good for 10% off a single order of Christmas lights (one rebate coupon per household). The lights will be recycled and the proceeds from the recycling will be used to buy books that are donated to the DFW Marine Toys for Tots Foundation.
  • Eco Lights Northwest Recycling Program
    Seattle, WA 98134
    (206) 343-7443
    Ballasts, CFLs, fluorescent bulbs, items containing mercury, NiCad batteries, mercury thermostats, other batteries, rechargeable batteries, single-use batteries
    This program offers pre-paid recycling kits for all lighting sources, fixtures bulbs, batteries and other mercury containing items. Please call for additional information.
  • Environmental LED Christmas Light Recycling Program
    109 E Prairie St
    Vicksburg, MI 49097
    (866) 465-7334
    String lights
    Send in your old Christmas lights for recycling and receive a 10% off coupon. Please put lights in a cardboard box without any packing material or original boxes. Please mark Attn: Christmas Light Recycling on your package. Include your name and email address for the coupon.
  • Christmas Light Recycling Program
    118 Rosehill Dr, Suite 1
    Jackson, MI 49202
    (866) 492-4330
    String lights
    Please send lights in a cardboard or easily recycled box, and include the name and email address (clearly printed) of the participant. All coupons will be emailed. Please do not include anything other than the lights themselves, such as retail boxes, plastic bags and any apparatus used to wind up or store the lights.
    2200 Ogden Ave #100
    Lisle, IL 60532
    (800) 909-9709
    Ballasts, CFLs, computers, computer monitors, electronics, floppy disks, fluorescent bulbs, items containing mercury, mercury thermostats, NiCad batteries, office machines, rechargeable batteries, single-use batteries, telephones, televisions
    Through the EasyPak recycling containers, you can recycle fluorescent bulbs, batteries, ballasts and electronics. You will receive a certificate officially recognizing your recycling efforts as well as access to online recycling reports that track your progress over time. Please visit the website to order an EasyPak.
  • Mercury Technologies of Minnesota Lamp Recycling Program
    Pine City, MN 55063
    (800) 864-3821
    Ballasts, CFLs, fluorescent tubes
    Mercury Technologies is the oldest fluorescent lamp recycling company in continuous existence in the United States. It offers pre-paid recycling programs in several sizes, and also accepts HID and incandescent lamps.
  • Partners in Planet Protection Recyclepak
    Palmerton, PA 18071
    (866) 323-4777
    Ballasts, CFLs, fluorescent tubes, items containing mercury (dental waste), mercury thermostats, NiCad batteries, rechargeable batteries, single-use batteries
    This program offers prepaid packaging to recycle lighting and electronic waste. Please visit the website to order a relevant kit and for shipping instructions.
  • USA Lamp & Ballast Recycling, Inc.
    Cincinnati, OH
    (800) 778-6645
    Ballasts, CFLs, fluorescent tubes, incandescent bulbs, items containing mercury, NiCad batteries, other batteries, rechargeable batteries, single-use batteries
    Please call for a pre-paid recycling kit. This mail-in program accepts fluorescent and incandescent lamps, ballasts, electronic waste, all types of batteries and items containing mercury.
  • Waste Management LampTracker
    Phoenix, AZ 85008
    (800) 664-1434
    Ballasts, CFLs, fluorescent tubes, items containing mercury (dental waste), mercury thermostats, NiCad batteries, other batteries, rechargeable batteries, single-use batteries
    Please go online to order a LampTracker Mercury VaporLok container. Your recycling certificate of compliance will be sent to you via email as soon as your container is received.

Medical Supplies

  • Heritage Lifecycle Mailback
    Indianapolis, IN 46231
    (888) 347-7671
    CFLs, fluorescent tubes, lead-acid batteries (non-automotive), medical sharps, NiCad batteries, other batteries, rechargeable batteries, single-use batteries, unwanted or expired medications
    Please call or visit the website for details on this program.
  • Mail Your Sharps
    Irmo, SC 29063
    (803) 829-8109
    Items containing mercury, medical sharps, mercury thermostats
    Please visit the website or call to order the mail back disposal container.
  • Meda Send Medical Waste Mail-Back Service
    Seal Beach, CA 90740
    (800) 200-3581
    Medical sharps
    Since 2002, Medasend has supplied thousands of medical waste containers to customers all over the United States. The program includes a container and pre-paid return service.  Please call or visit the website for more information.
  • Sharps Compliance Incorporated
    9350 Kirby Drive, Suite 300, Houston, TX 77054
    (800) 772-5657
    Medical sharps
    Please contact customer support for product information and to order the Sharps Disposal by Mail Kit.
  • Stericycle Mailback Program
    Lake Forest, IL 60045
    (800) 355-8773
    Items containing mercury, medical sharps
    The Stericycle Mailback Programs use specially designed, prepaid shipping containers that comply with ADA, OSHA and EPA requirements. They’re also approved for transport via US Mail. This program provides you with pre-paid recycling containers, as well as all necessary documentation. There is a separate container for each collected material.
  • Republic Sharps
    Phoenix, AZ 85054
    (855) 737-7871
    Medical sharps
    The Republic Sharps Mail Back Disposal Service is ideal for people who use needles at home to treat diabetes, arthritis, cancer or other medical conditions. Please call or visit the website to obtain a shipping container.
  • MedWaste Tracker
    Houston, TX 77339
    (866) 699-6466
    Medical sharps
    The MedWaste Tracker(SM) system for the safe disposal of sharps and medical waste offers a safe, convenient, and cost effective method for proper disposal of syringes used to administer medications at home. Please visit the MedWaste Tracker(SM) website for more information.


  • Recycling Program
    1412 Plata Way
    Sandy, UT 84093
    (801) 523-8069
    Book recycling, compact discs
    This program offers recycling of textbooks, DVDs and CDs. A minimum of 5 percent of your donation will be given directly to non profit groups.
  • International Book Project
    1440 Delaware Avenue
    Lexington, KY 40505
    (859) 254-6771
    Book donation
    This program accepts books in excellent condition only. Please do not donate books with broken bindings, excessive highlighting or torn/missing pages. The types of books with the most need are textbooks less than 10 years old, dictionaries and vocational books. Please download a shipping label from the website.
  • St. Simon Publishing
    Germantown, TN 38183
    (901) 219-6718
    Book recycling
    Please visit the website for shipping information.


  • ACH Foam Technologies
    Multiple mailing locations
    (800) 525-8697
    #6 plastic, Styrofoam
    This program accepts Expanded Polystyrene, but not in food container form. Please visit the website to find the nearest mailing location.
  • Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers
    (410) 451-8340
    #6 plastic, other plastic, packing peanut reuse
    AFPR has created a unique mail-back program that allows virtually anyone with smaller quantities of foam packaging access to Expanded Polystryrene (EPS) recycling. Visit the website to find the nearest mail-in location and then send your EPS for recycling through the U.S. Postal Service or other carrier.
  • Berkley Pure Fishing Company Fishing Line Recycling Program
    1900 18th St
    Spirit Lake, IA 51360
    (800) 237-5539
    Fishing line
    This program accepts single filament, nylon fishing line that is unbraided and does not contain wire. Lines that have a lot of growth or plant material mixed in may not be recyclable. Fishing line is recycled into tackle boxes, spools for line, fish habitats, and toys.
  • Caps Can Do
    437 Holtzman Ave
    Columbus, OH 43205
    (800) 778-5420
    This program accepts all types of polypropylene, including plastic bottle caps.
    #5 plastic
  • Dolco Packaging Egg Carton Recycling Program
    Multiple mailing locations
    (770) 963-6191
    This program accepts plastic egg cartons only. Please visit the website to find the nearest mailing location.
  • Earthworks PVC Recycling Program
    Cleveland, OH 44139
    (440) 349-3434
    #3 plastic, gift cards
    This program accepts scrap PVC, including plastic cards that should be free of holograms or scratch-off labels. It does not accept plastic cards made of bioplastics. Please visit the website for mailing information.
  • Preserve Gimme 5
    823 NYS RT-13
    Cortland, NY 13045
    (888) 354-7296
    #5 plastic, water filters
    Send your #5 plastics via ground shipping (as opposed to air). Reuse a box if you can! Include your return address on the box and add your name and email address inside the box. Through a partnership with Brita, this program accepts Brita filters for recycling.
  • The ReCap Co.
    6465 Lewis Rd
    Loveland, OH 45140
    (513) 405-3300
    Plastic bottle caps
    If you have questions, please call Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.
  • Tyvek Envelope Mail-in Recycling Program
    8401 Fort Darling Rd
    Richmond, VA 23237
    (800) 222-5676
    Tyvek envelopes
    Please address your shipment to Shirley Wright. Please turn the envelope inside out, so the unprinted white surface shows up on the outside. For quantities over 25 envelopes per month, please call for more information.
  • TerraCycle Mail-in Recycling Brigade Program
    Trenton, NJ 08638
    (609) 393-4252
    Plastic bags, plastic film, plastic lining, butter/yogurt containers, aluminum cans, candy wrappers, cell phones, corks, digital cameras, drink boxes, frozen food boxes, inkjet cartridges, laptops, mp3 players, tape dispensers, writing utensils
    TerraCycle offers national programs (Brigades®) to collect previously non-recyclable or hard to recycle waste. While some programs have a cost, most Brigades offer free shipping as well as a donation to the charity or school of your choice for each piece of material that you collect. Please visit the website to find out more about the currently available Brigades, and how you can join. In addition to the materials listed, this program also accepts candy wrappers, chip bags and other packaging.

Thank you for such a comprehensive list of recycling resources!


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