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Redefining Crafting: Eco-Friendly Yarn

Over the holidays I picked up knitting.  So far I’m a clumsy knitter, constantly dropping stitches and paying more attention to to the television than my knitting needles, but I’m working at it!  My local fabric store carries hundreds of different options for sustainable knitting, so I thought that I would share a few ideas … Continue reading

New Year’s Resolutions

I am addicted to resolutions.  I make a new goal each month, and promptly abandon them for a new and “improved’ resolution the next month.  Over the course of last year, I resolved to be more adventurous, to drive less, to lose weight, to give up all plastic items, to start composting, to spend less, … Continue reading


Earlier this summer, SPAIR asked us to review their sandals.  Marketed for women on the go, these shoes are designed to be thrown into your bag and swapped out for your heels after a long day at work.  Sold for $24. 95 a pair, the sandals are made from recycled tires, from the soles to … Continue reading

Interview with Veronica Gadea of EE Cuffs

A few weeks ago, Lisa and I had the pleasure of meeting with Veronica Gadea, founder and co-designer of EECuffs, a wonderful fashion line of handmade, eco-friendly jewelry. Veronica spoke about her love for fashion and her creative energy that moves her to create her cuffs; Veronica tells us that she is “always looking for … Continue reading

Redefining Fashion, Part Five: Fabulous Eco-Friendly Finds

Over the past few weeks we’ve discussed the use of animal products in fashion: feathers, fur, leather, and all things exotic.  Fortunately for consumers today there are all sorts of great alternatives that are both good for the earth and easy on your wallet. So what makes an item eco-fashionable?  Our fashion-savvy friend over at … Continue reading

Redefining Fashion, Part Four: Both Exotic and Idiotic

Vogue tells us that the fashion trend for the summer is all about the exotic look.  Exotic skins, exotic furs, exotic prints. . . whether it’s real skin or fake – snakeskin, crocodile, kangaroo, leopard, giraffe and tiger – everyone wants to show off a bit of their wild side.  In a recent Canadian Huffington … Continue reading

Redefining Fashion, Part Three: Leather isn’t Better

I have a dirty little secret:  I still (on occasion) wear products made with leather.  Though I’ve been vegetarian for 17 years – and vegan for many of those 17 years – I still own a few items that are made out of leather.  There aren’t any motorcycle jackets or leather chaps hanging in my closet, but I … Continue reading

Redefining Fashion, Part Two: Choose Faux Fur, Not Fox Fur

Every year, more than 75 million animals are violently killed just for the use of their fur. Animals are raised on fur farms, kept in overcrowded cages their entire lives and killed just for the use of their pelts.  The animal carcasses are left to rot or are burned after the fur has been removed … Continue reading

Redefining Fashion, Part One: Feathers Don’t Fly

What do you think of when you hear the phrase, “eco-fashion?”  Supermodels that would “rather go naked than wear fur?”  Perhaps the latest line of vegan clothing or shoes, or something made entirely out of hemp?  You might be surprised to find out that eco-fashion was around long before tie-dyed tees and tire tread shoes; … Continue reading

Getting the most out of fashion

I love clothes, and I love shopping for clothes.  There, I said it. I confess. But here’s my other secret: I can have my eco-friendly life and shop too. Shopping eco-friendly is nothing new – thrifting is one of the best ways to be eco-friendly and it sees a resurgence every few years as the … Continue reading