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New Year’s Resolutions

I am addicted to resolutions.  I make a new goal each month, and promptly abandon them for a new and “improved’ resolution the next month.  Over the course of last year, I resolved to be more adventurous, to drive less, to lose weight, to give up all plastic items, to start composting, to spend less, … Continue reading

Happy Birthday to Redefining Eco!

Dear Redefining Eco Community, Redefining Eco is celebrating our one year anniversary today! It has been a fantastic journey, filled with lots of learning and love.  I am so excited to celebrate this milestone, and to see what the next year will bring us! This blog started as a project to help me get writing … Continue reading

Engaging in political processes

Last week, I attended a public meeting to vote for how the community would use new park land.  There were several proposals, ranging from athletic fields to an organic farm. Two things really struck me about this meeting.  First, the overwhelming support for new athletic fields.  This is a park in Northern Virginia, where there … Continue reading