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Food Security in our Neighborhoods

When I think of food security, I think of countries in the developing world, where food and water scarcity go hand in hand. I think of places out in the middle of no where, where droughts have devastated crops and monoculture attitudes have meant disaster if that crop fails. I think of the big industrial … Continue reading

Working to ‘Save the World’ Begins at Home

In March, there are two awareness days that pretty much summarize what I believe in and support in a nice litte nutshell: International Women’s Day and World Water Day.  I get excited for them each year because it’s a chance for me to talk to people about what I support: women’s rights, and the right … Continue reading

Climate Change and the Inauguration

I was lucky enough to attend the inauguration this year, and though it was cold – global warming was on my mind. I have been holding my breath over the past four years, hoping that the President would address the threat of climate change while he is in office.  Finally, in his second inaugural address, … Continue reading

Doomsayers and the End of the World

Two weeks ago, I talked about nostalgia in the environmental movement.  The other side of this coin is the doomsayers – the people who spend their days telling everyone how the world is going to end if we don’t change our ways.  The people who make their impact by strictly observing a set of rules … Continue reading

“Turn Here” for a Glimpse into Organic Life

At the beginning of the summer, Atina Diffley sent me an email and asked us to review her book, Turn Here Sweet Corn.  And I am so glad that she did. The book follows Diffley through her life as she journeys toward becoming a farmer and through the years as her farm takes off.  She and … Continue reading

Get comfortable with getting uncomfortable

I went to hear Rachel Maddow speak this past weekend and I left that room feeling that intellectual high from hearing an intelligent woman speak about politics. I fell rallied and ready to dive back into politics. A she was speaking, I thought about how I could bring this message to you- how I could … Continue reading