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Happy Memorial Day!

I can’t believe that Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner!  If you don’t have plans just yet, don’t despair, we’ve compiled a list of eco-friendly metro accessible ideas for a great weekend: Take the Metro to Greenbelt Park in Greenbelt, Maryland for a great weekend of camping, hiking, and biking. Bike and camp … Continue reading

Spring Forward and Make a Change

Spring is the season for change.  We move our clocks forward an hour, and gain extra sunlight, warmth and new possibilities.  Why not use that extra hour to make a difference and volunteer? When you volunteer, you gain so much more than spending a day among new friends – you help make a positive impact … Continue reading

International Women’s Day

Every year on March 8, the United Nations declares it to be International Women’s Day.  Women’s rights activists use this day as a day of action, individual women use the day as a day to celebrate with close women friends, and the international community uses this day to highlight ‘women’s issues’ around the globe. Last year, … Continue reading

Redefining Crafting: Eco-Friendly Yarn

Over the holidays I picked up knitting.  So far I’m a clumsy knitter, constantly dropping stitches and paying more attention to to the television than my knitting needles, but I’m working at it!  My local fabric store carries hundreds of different options for sustainable knitting, so I thought that I would share a few ideas … Continue reading

New Year’s Resolutions

I am addicted to resolutions.  I make a new goal each month, and promptly abandon them for a new and “improved’ resolution the next month.  Over the course of last year, I resolved to be more adventurous, to drive less, to lose weight, to give up all plastic items, to start composting, to spend less, … Continue reading

Have a Little Faith

Thanks to our outstanding guest blogger Juliet for this week’s post!  Juliet is a strategic communications consultant with a strong focus on issues related to the environment and public health. An accomplished marketing and communications executive, she has nearly 20 years’ experience in branding and communications strategies, public relations, social marketing and public awareness campaigns. … Continue reading

Give Yourself a Gift of “Me-Time” This Holiday

It happens to the best of us: you are standing in line at the over-crowded post office, shifting your nicely wrapped packages from one aching arm to the other, listening to the same tired holiday showtunes being piped in from the tinny speakers…. and you catch yourself downright hating the holidays.  I know that it’s … Continue reading

Wrapping up the Trash Talk Series

This past month we’ve discussed all things trashy: compost, refuse, plastic, recycling, and pollutants.  We’ve highlighted great regulations that have made a positive and noticeable impact on the environment and communities, and also highlights some great resources to help you reduce your plastic footprint.  Over here at Redefining Eco, we are passionate about the environment, and about … Continue reading

REUSE: A Spotlight on Green Moving Companies

My environmental non-profit is installing new carpet, and for the past month we’ve been prepping for a “non-move.” We have been packing everything up in boxes and crates and moving bookcases and filing cabines from office to office to clear up space for the carpet installation.  Though we aren’t going through a physical move and … Continue reading

Reflecting on the American Vacation…

Last week I had a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day.  The type of day where my SmarTrip card didn’t work, the metro fare machines decided to only accept cash (and nothing smaller than a $20…) and the last train going in my direction slammed the doors shut in my face – with my purse … Continue reading