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Green Advertising and “How Green is TOO Green?”

Clorox recently came out with an advertising campaign that mocks “greenorexics.”  You know the type, the over-vigilant eco-warriors that chide other people who don’t recycle.  The new ad campaign, called, “You Don’t Have to be Ridiculous to be Green,” is based off of recent research that found that “women think it’s trendy to be environmentally … Continue reading

Our Plastic Nightmare

The infographic below comes from one of our community members, Allison Morris.  Allison helped researchers at Education Database Online to create this awesome graphic and gave us a head up on it! Enjoy the graphic below, and check out for the original!

Trash and Treasure

Below is another awesome post from contributor Juliet. As always, read, comment, and enjoy! “Right now, we don’t have an end life for our ‘stuff;’ everything is meant to be used once and that’s it” Recently, I had the opportunity to meet Olivier Giron – a young man who is a unique combination of artist, … Continue reading

Recylcing – Do we need to start again?

This past Saturday, my fiance and I were loading our car with our recyclables to take down to the local recycling center.  Our apartment complex does not recycle anything other than cardboard.  It used to recycle plastics as well, but the recycling company refused to pick those up anymore since people couldn’t seem to not … Continue reading