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Ecology and the National Mall

I recently attended DC EcoWomen’s EcoHour with Teresa Durkin, Senior Project Director for the Trust for the National Mall.  I was astonished to find that the Trust plans to make over 700 million dollars of improvements to the mall over the next decade, and raised over 350 million to match the government’s funding to get … Continue reading

Climate Change and the Inauguration

I was lucky enough to attend the inauguration this year, and though it was cold – global warming was on my mind. I have been holding my breath over the past four years, hoping that the President would address the threat of climate change while he is in office.  Finally, in his second inaugural address, … Continue reading

New Year’s Resolutions

I am addicted to resolutions.  I make a new goal each month, and promptly abandon them for a new and “improved’ resolution the next month.  Over the course of last year, I resolved to be more adventurous, to drive less, to lose weight, to give up all plastic items, to start composting, to spend less, … Continue reading

The Power to Make a Difference

I volunteer for numerous organizations in my spare time, and I love it.  I meet new people, get to participate in my favorite activities, get my butt off of the couch and out into my community, and most importantly to me – I get a chance to improve something for the better.  Over the years … Continue reading

Redefining Vision

I recently read this article while at work.  As I was reading it, I found myself imagining all the things it mentioned.  What would it look like if all of these things happened in my city? What if all the streets were turned into green spaces with small lanes on the sides for bikes? What … Continue reading

Redefining Eco

I came up with the idea for this new blog when I was working through the idea of starting a new research topic.  I had finished my Master’s and was casting around for what came next.  What I found were jobs that were great, but didn’t give me the opportunity to really explore a research … Continue reading