Guest Posting Guidelines

We love having different voices on our blog! If you would like to write a guest post for Redefining Eco, send us your submission.  Please include your name, a short bio, a photo to accompany the post, and the submission attached as a word document.

Our guidelines are as follows:

  • Posts should be between 300-700 words.  These are not hard cut offs, but please no massive posts! We want to keep our site easily readable.
  • Posts should be focused on women and the environment.  Our mission is to be a blog about women and the environment, so please make sure that your post supports that mission.  We reserve the right to not post something if we feel it is contrary to our mission.
    •  Exceptions to this may be made if you respond to a call for posts in a series, or want to follow up on a previously written series, and your viewpoint adds something relevant to the conversation that we could add ourselves.  Example: while we strive to be a blog for women by women, we may accept a post from men if that post adds to the discussion in a relevant and respectful way.
  • Posts should be original work.  If you would like to have us cross post a previously written post, please contact us directly.
  • Please keep in  mind that we will link to your post on social media.  If you would like us to link up with your social media accounts, please include this information along with your submission.
  • Any photo that you submit with the post must be owned by you.  By sending us the photo, you agree to allow us to keep that photo in our library and use it in the future.  We will always make sure to credit you with the photo, if we do continue to use the photo.


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