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Interview with Veronica Gadea of EE Cuffs

Veronica models her “Flea Market Cuff”, available at

A few weeks ago, Lisa and I had the pleasure of meeting with Veronica Gadea, founder and co-designer of EECuffs, a wonderful fashion line of handmade, eco-friendly jewelry. Veronica spoke about her love for fashion and her creative energy that moves her to create her cuffs; Veronica tells us that she is “always looking for something to inspire me.”

Launched in March 2011,  EECuffs showcases Veronica’s designer cuffs made out of recycled and repurposed materials, including magazines, glass, fabric, petals, leaves, and seashells. A woman owned and operated green company; EEcuffs has jewelry hand-made to suit all sorts of styles, from conservative to flashy, from retro to contemporary.  Veronica tells us that she pays close attention to trends and current events, drawing inspiration from everything – including the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Veronica collaborates with Leila Moazzez to bring us all kinds of jewelry sure to fit anyone’s budget – EECuffs are priced at $35 to $45 each. Every cuff has a unique look and a different feel and are truly one-of-a-kind, down to the names given to each piece.

EECuffs was born out of Veronica’s love of finding a creative use for spare items that are otherwise overlooked. A graphic designer, Veronica had numerous magazines that started to pile up around her home, and she started to use the glossy paper to fashion her designer cuffs.  She thought, “We had to do something with [the magazines] that’s cool.” EEcuffs is named after her daughters, and they often help Veronica with the creative process that goes into designing each piece.  The cuff that Veronica is wearing (featured in this post) is called, “flea market.”

“It’s jewelry that you can wear and feel good about it”, says co-designers Veronica and Leila.  You can reach Veronica and Leila at


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