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Superstorm Sandy

Hurricane Sandy, photography by NASA via Getty Images

Last weekend was horrible.  Our thoughts and hearts go out to everyone touched by the chaos and devastation that “Superstorm Sandy” brought with her, and we hope that the road to recovery is swift and that many people help you along the way.

If you were fortunate to escape major damage from the storm and want to help others that weren’t as fortunate, there are numerous ways that you can help.  I plan to donate blood next week to the American Red Cross, and you can too by calling 1-800-Red-Cross or going to  If you’d rather make a charitable donation, you can do so by visiting the American Red Cross website specifically to assist those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

The Huffington Post has compiled other notable charities that are assisting those in need, including: AmeriCares, the New York Blood Center, and Feeding America.  The Huffington Post also offers updates and other ways to help on their blog, but please remember that if you chose to donate, please donate wisely and protect yourself from those that might want to take advantage of your generosity.

You are in our thoughts.


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